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Special Flight Rules Area (SFRA)

All pilots must complete the DC Metro SFRA course prior to flying within 60 miles of the DCA VOR

Schedule your FAA Knowledge Exam at NAFC



NAFC is designated as an Authorized CATS Testing Center, offering the computerized knowledge tests for “all” FAA certification exams. NAFC also offers FCC Exams, Board of Chiropractic Exams, Educational Exams and other exams for licensing, certification and assessment. NAFC administers over 200 tests a year at the applicant’s convenience.

Steps to sit for an exam:

1. Schedule / Register to take the test. To schedule an exam with NAFC, call NAFC at (410) 956-8751 or email us. We will take care of the registration which normally takes about 10 minutes. For non-FAA exams administered by NAFC, you may register withh C.A.T.S. at (800) 947-4228 - Our site code is ABS21001.

2. Bring the necessary endorsements on the day of the test

3. Remember to bring a positive form of photo identification (Drivers License, Passport, etc). For an FAA test, bring your flight computer (can be electronic) or calculator, plotter etc. The testing procedure is very simple and our test proctors will make sure you are comfortable and relaxed before beginning the test. The computer system is easy to use and there is even a demonstration version to practice with before you begin the actual test. You will receive your results immediately after the test.

For answers to more questions, visit the CATS web site: Please contact us with any questions you may have about taking your knowledge tests. Don’t forget to mention AOPA membership to receive a discount.


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